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Let us work together to help you keep more of what you've earned. Our job is not simply to fill out a tax return, but to present you with the best and most strategic tax planning tools available. We want to be your right hand when it comes to your companies’ tax planning and implementation.


Our founder, Carey Lampel, has an LLM from the University of San Diego in taxation, essentially, a Masters Degree in taxation. Ms. Lampel is not practicing law, but does have a law degree from Chicago Kent. Our team includes  multiple CPA's, Enrolled Agents, accountants and bookkeepers.  Additionally, should you need IRS or Franchise Tax representation, we have a winning track record.

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We believe that the key to any relationship is excellent communication, and this of course includes excellent service. We will make every effort to return your phone calls and questions on the very same day you call. We believe in creating long lasting relationships with our clients to empower them to best run their business. We work with various experts in their industry to give you a “One Stop Shop” approach to your business.


When was the last time your tax preparer called you to offer a suggestion or give advice or gave you information about a new tax law, and how it may affect you? At EBS, we believe in a proactive approach to tax management. Not only is it our job to keep our clients informed of new tax laws, it is our job to know the questions that need to be asked even if our clients don’t know them yet. We meet with our clients, often quarterly, to provide them with an overall tax assessment, which will help your business identify tax savings you may be neglecting. Then, we will explain these differences in actual dollar amounts. These tax savings can be extremely high in certain situations. We don’t believe in surprises, and feel that good communication is the key to keeping both the preparer and the client in the loop. Of course, we always offer a free consultation to see if we are a good match for you. Please give us a call.

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